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6 Types of People Who Need the Heel Lift Ankle Sock

No one wears shoes every minute of the day. But socks? Sure!

The Heel Lift Ankle Sock extends the treatment time and symptom relief provided by the in-shoe heel lift. The ankle sock features a therapy pocket designed to hold the heel lift in place below your heel while barefoot or wearing backless shoes.

What kind of people would find the ankle sock helpful in their daily routines? Let’s find out.

The Yogi

The Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift quickly relieves pain for those who wear shoes during their workouts, like running and weightlifting. But what about the barefoot athletes practicing yoga, Pilates or barre? They can experience the relief provided by a heel lift by inserting it into the ankle sock to wear while exercising in bare feet.

The Achilles Tendinitis Patient

The Achilles tendon is the longest tendon in your body, connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone. When this muscle becomes inflamed from Achilles tendinitis there are simple at-home treatment methods to relieve pain. Wear a Heel Lift Ankle Sock on the impacted foot, apply ice on and off for 20 minutes and elevate the leg.

The Beach Bum

There’s nothing like going for a walk with the sand in your toes, but the uneven ground can wreak havoc on existing lower back, knee, or ankle conditions. But pop the Heel Lift Ankle Sock on under your sandals and you can hit the beach without a worry.


The Young Athlete

Sever’s disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. It is one of the most common causes of foot pain in active children and adolescents. It flares during growth spurts when there is repetitive stress to the heel during physical activity.

Consider using the Adjust-A-Lift Heel lift in your child’s shoes while they’re at practice and the Heel Lift Ankle Sock while barefoot at home.

The Person with One Leg Longer Than the Other

A leg length discrepancy is the medical term used to describe a patient with two different leg lengths. This difference, even when slight, can result in pain throughout the lower body. The Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift is made with three layers of extra firm, open cell foam rubber, each 1/8 inch thick, held together with double-sided adhesive. Adjust the lift to the height needed to even your leg lengths for use in your shoe when out and about and in your ankle sock while at home.


The Plantar Fasciitis Sufferer

The main symptom of plantar fasciitis is sharp, stabbing pain in the heel, arch, or both. The ankle sock can even be worn overnight to help reduce the pain in those first morning steps, a symptom commonly associated with plantar fasciitis.

The Heel Lift Ankle Sock is made from spandex and polyester and is available in black and tan. The socks are sold individually in six different sizes – XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Check our product page for more information on sizing and to order your Heel Lift Ankle Sock today.