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The Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad Insert relieves symptoms brought on by the cumulative, repetitive microtrauma of day-to-day standing and walking.

Open cell, extra firm density foam rubber construction works to dissipate support both vertically and horizontally. A suede leather top adds a layer of durability.

Stress to the skeletal structure from simple daily activities happens to everyone, but especially to those who stand and walk on hard surfaces such as concrete for extended periods of time.

The skeletal structure of the body is a closed kinetic chain beginning at the heel and continuing up and down the skeleton. By reducing the shock at the heel strike—before entering the kinetic chain—pain and discomfort throughout the lower body, hips, and lower back can be alleviated.

Available in three sizes; can be trimmed to fit as needed.

Sold in pairs. Online ordering limited to US residents. For international orders, please call 1-800-355-3575.


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Cleaning instructions

Wipe clean with damp cloth using soap, if needed. Do not place in washer or dryer.