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Your Newest Workout Buddy: Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lifts

If you’re a weightlifter, you’re all about making the most of your time in the gym: working to improve your form, perfecting your technique and engaging muscles as efficiently as possible. You also likely don’t want to spend a lot of money on new gear and equipment.

Now there’s an easy way to transform your workout shoes into a style designed for weightlifting: Adjust-A-Lift® adjustable heel lifts.

Traditional weightlifting shoes have a raised heel. But with the rise in more functional training workouts, cross-training shoes have become the norm. Rather than investing in a special pair of shoes just for weightlifting, the Adjust-A-Lift® quickly and easily slips into your regular cross-trainers, adding up to 1/2-inch and increasing your heel to toe drop ratio.

Why heel lifts for weightlifting? 

An elevated heel allows for a deeper squat position, creating a more upright seated position throughout the torso. This in turn can make it easier to hold the barbell and thrust it upward. In addition to squats, an elevated heel position in weightlifting can also help improve form and technique in pistol squats, snatches and cleans.

What if I do other workouts like CrossFit, besides weightlifting? 

The lightweight flexibility of the Adjust-A-Lift® offers the best of both worlds: added height that doesn’t limit your ability to complete conditioning movements like wall ball throws, thrusters, interval runs, box jumps and double-unders. In fact, an elevated heel position can be beneficial for those with ankles that are weak or have limited mobility.

Why Adjust-A-Lift® heel lifts? 

An elevated heel position has been the gold standard for weightlifters, but purchasing shoes used just for weightlifting is not always practical—especially for those who also mix in other forms of functional exercise into their workouts.

With Adjust-A-Lift® heel lifts, customization is key. A three-layer construction lets you decide how thick you want your inserts. Each layer is 1/8-inch thick with adhesive on both sides. Simply pull the layers apart to use just one or two, or keep the lift intact with all three layers. The adhesive also keeps the lifts in place in your shoes—no sliding around or need to stop mid-workout to adjust.

This flexible design also allows you to gradually build up your heel lift height over time, so your body can gradually adapt to the change. The extra firm, open cell foam layers keep the inserts lightweight but unlike gel inserts, the Adjust-A-Lift® has a suede leather top for added durability. And because heel size varies, you can choose from three different sizes to ensure a truly customized fit in width and height.

If you’ve considered adding heel lifts to your workouts, the Adjust-A-Lift® heel lifts are the perfect way to get started. Order yours now.

Have you already added our heel lifts to your workout shoes? Let us know! We’d love to hear your success story. Email us today. You just might find yourself featured here in a future story!