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Heel Lifts for Sever’s Disease: Easy, Effective and Affordable

If you have an active pre-teen or teenager who puts in long hours on the sports field, practice court or dance studio, there’s a chance you’ve heard of a painful heel condition called Sever’s disease.

Sever’s disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. It is one of the most common causes of foot pain in active children and adolescents and flares during growth spurts when there is repetitive stress to the heel during physical activity.

While it’s most common in individuals who participate in sports, dance and other activities that involve jumping and running, it can also cause pain for those who may be less active but who wear very flat shoes.

Sever’s disease will not cause long term damage or arthritis and will resolve on its own once the child stops growing, but until then it can be very painful. Once diagnosed by a physician, treatment typically resolves taking time off from the activity causing the condition.

In addition to icing, stretches, strengthening exercises, and possibly a course of oral anti-Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lifts for Sever's disease inflammatories, the child’s physician may also suggest heel pads worn inside the shoe to lift the heel. Because it’s believed that the pain of Sever’s disease is caused by an excessive pulling on the Achilles tendon on the back of the heel, lifting the heel via a shoe insert can take some tension off the heel area. Heel lifts for Sever’s disease can be an easy, effective and affordable way to help ease the chronic pain.

Sever’s disease is most common during the adolescent growth spurt, which for girls is typically between the ages of eight and 13, and for boys, between age 10 and 15. This can make it difficult to find a heel lift in a smaller size. Unlike traditional heel lifts, the Adjust-a-Lift® Heel Lift is available in three different sizes to accommodate a range of foot widths.

Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lifts for Sever's diseaseAdditionally, the adjustable design also makes it ideal for use as the child begins to return to normal when the pain starts to subside. At the onset of treatment, the full height lift can be worn, before gradually reducing the height by removing one of the three 1/8 inch layers.

While Sever’s disease will eventually go away on its own, it’s a pain too great to ignore for an active child or adolescent. Help ease the discomfort on the path to recovery with a simple, cost-effective and versatile treatment option in the  Adjust-a-Lift® Heel Lift.