Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift

The best-selling adjustable Heel Lift helps alleviate discomfort from leg length deficiency, low back pain, knee, and hip pain.

Adjust a Lift Heel Lift | Heel Wedge | Warwick Enterprises


Warwick Wedge™

Our durable yet comfortable Warwick Wedge™ helps alleviate the symptoms of Varus or Valgus knee alignment.

Warwick Wedge | Heel Wedge | Warwick Enterprises


Full Sole Insert

Our Full Sole Insert is the ideal product to use when conditions call for a full sole appliance.

Full Sole Shoe Insert | Warwick Enterprises


Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad

Our Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad helps relieve symptoms brought on by the cumulative, repetitive microtrauma of day-to-day standing and walking.

Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad | Heel Wedge | Warwick Enterprises


Heel Lift Ankle Sock

Has a therapy pocket concealed inside the sock to hold your Adjust-A-Lift® securely without shoes or with flip flops and sandals.

Heel sock


Our Products

Warwick Enterprises™ has been providing high quality products for nearly 40 years beginning with the Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift. We are very proud of our track record of providing easy to use products that bring maximum relief to patients.