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Most Valuable Layer: Full Sole Insert

When you think of a typical shoe full sole insert replacement, a thick, rubbery piece  that crowds your feet likely comes to mind.

What if you could find a low-profile insole that provided comfort from heel to toe? One made of a firm rubber, so it doesn’t just cushion, but provides support to absorb foot pressure when standing, walking or jumping.

What if you could find a full-length insole that’s crafted with a durable yet lightweight breathable top layer, so it looks as good as it feels—even in dress shoes?

Better yet: what if an insole came in multiple sizes to reduce the need for trimming it to fit your shoes (and the risk that you’ll cut it too small)—which in turn can also help retain the integrity of the shoe’s shape?

You can find all of this and more in the Full Sole Insert.

How is the Full Sole Insert different?

Like our popular Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift, our insert is constructed of a single layer of extra firm, open cell foam rubber and a top layer in an attractive, high quality suede leather that looks attractive and feels comfortable under foot.

We’ve designed the insoles in a total of 12 sizes across both men’s and women’s sizing, to offer the most customized fit available, yet it can still be trimmed if needed.

The Full Sole Insert is sold individually rather than in a pair, so you buy only what you need. That also makes it a viable option for those with minor leg length discrepancy. If you require a heel lift of up to 3/8 inch, but don’t like the way a traditional lift raises only your heel, the insert may be an option by using two inserts in one shoe.

Flat insole is heel lift-friendly designFull Sole Shoe Insert | Warwick Enterprises

If you prefer to stick to an appliance that lifts the heel, like the  Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift, Warwick Wedge™ or Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad, the pliable, lightweight and flat design of the Full Sole Insert also works over or under heel appliances.

Whether you need to replace old, worn out insoles to add comfort and style, or want to address your leg length discrepancy with a full-length appliance, the Full Sole Insert may be your answer.