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About The Warwick Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad


Are you a busy parent always on your feet? How about a waiter or waitress who works double shifts often? Or a maybe you’re a doctor running around the hospital every day tending to patients’ needs. Regardless of what your personal or professional life looks like, if you’re someone who’s constantly on their feet and you’re looking for some relief — keep reading.

Our Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad may provide relief to your on-the-go feet!

What is the Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad?

The Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad Insert is an effective appliance used to relieve symptoms brought on by the cumulative, repetitive microtrauma of day-to-day standing and walking. It is made from an open cell, extra firm density foam rubber, which means that the constant microtrauma of standing and walking is dissipated both vertically and horizontally.

How can the Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad help me?

You may have symptoms directly related to the constant accumulation of microtrauma from standing and walking, especially if you do it often. These symptoms can be various things including: joint pain, hip pain, lower back pain, foot/ankle pain or arthritis. These symptoms can be heightened for people who stand and walk on hard surfaces such as concrete.

The skeletal structure of the body is a closed kinetic chain beginning at heel strike and continuing up and down the skeleton. If the shock to the skeleton of standing and walking can be reduced before entering the kinetic chain, symptoms such as lower back pain, knee pain and foot/heel pain will be relieved. It is that simple.

Think of the heel pad like shocks on a car or a bike, they’re there to help provide cushion and comfort while you’re on the move and can help prevent irreparable damage to the “body” over time.

How do I use the Kinetic Comfort Heel Pad?

It’s pretty easy – start with choosing the right size for you (small, medium or large). Don’t worry, we have a size chart on the product page. These heel pads are sold in pairs so you can put one in each shoe. Then simply place them in the heels of the shoes you wear most often. If you rotate between three or four pairs weekly, switching them back and forth may be a bit of a hassle. If you can, buy a pair for each pair of shoes you wear.

If you’ve worn your pair for a while, and they look (or smell) like they need washed, take a damp washcloth with a drop of soap and wipe them down. Don’t place them in the washer or dryer!

There you have it, the 411 on Kinetic Comfort Heel Pads. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out on our product page and order a pair. It won’t hurt to try — seriously!