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Four Reasons You Should Try Our Full Sole Shoe Insert


First things first, what exactly is a shoe insert?

Designed it be placed inside your shoes, shoe inserts can be worn on top of the existing insole, or as a replacement for an old insole.

You’ll find a range of shoe inserts on the market today, from short, rubbery heel cup styles to 3/4 length with a thick arch support. Our Full Sole Shoe Insert is a great option for all shoes, from dress to athletic styles because of the basic benefits they offer, including:

1) Preventing the possibility of foot disorders

Our insert is made from high-quality materials. Because of this, they help absorb foot pressure from things like standing, walking or jumping. This enables you to live an active on-the-go lifestyle without causing long-term damage to your feet. One of the most common ailments our inserts help prevent is plantar fasciitis, which is inflamed tissue on the bottom of the foot causing heel pain. It can also help prevent problems with joint pain and arthritis in the future.

2) They lengthen the lifespan of your shoes

Our Full Sole Shoe Inserts can help prolong the lifespan of your shoes by reducing ground impact when engaging in different activities that may cause wear and tear on your shoes over time. In addition to this, because the insert fits your shoe’s shape, it helps maintain the integrity of your shoe’s shape/design throughout its lifespan.

3) They keep your feet comfortable and blister-free

This one is pretty straight-forward. Inserts make your shoes fit a little more snugly around your feet, hence a tighter-fitting shoe. This prevents rubbing and irritation to your feet, keeping the potential of painful blisters at bay.

4) They make your feet more flexible and safe

The tissue in your heels is typically very thin. If you’re regularly subjecting your feet to shock and pressure by walking, running, etc. this tissue can become inflamed. However, our shoe inserts minimize that shock and pressure while simultaneously creating support for foot tissues and muscles. This prevents you from doing something like twisting your foot wrong, resulting in an injury like a sprain.

Whether you’re experiencing foot pain or just want to prevent any future foot ailments, this full sole style is a great option. A single 1/8″ layer of rubber is topped with a 1/16″ layer of suede for durability. With six sizes available for both men and women, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. The narrow profile also makes it easy to trim to fit, if needed.