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On January 31, 1982, the Church I attended voted to build a new sanctuary.  I was at the service and simply said a short prayer asking to be shown a way to make more money so I would be able to significantly contribute to the financial obligation involved in the construction of the building. At the time, I was a medical supply salesman. THE VERY NEXT DAY I called on a Doctor who told me that he didn’t like anything that I had but if I could get him a good heel lift he would be interested. In not more than 10 minutes he told me everything that I needed to know to get started. Mainly that all the heel lifts on the market came in too many sizes, were uncomfortable to wear, broke down too quickly or slipped in the shoe. If a heel lift could be developed that overcame those problems, he would be interested.

The next step was to visit a friend of mine who was in the Orthotic Prosthetic field. I told him the idea and he said “oh yeah I can make that.” He then made the first prototype with scrapes from the floor. During the next several months, I made progress learning how to sell them and he refined the manufacturing process.

To make a long story very short, about a year later I was able to buy his share of the business and have been enjoying it ever since.

I was able to contribute in a significant way to the building project and later another addition was added.

Richard Warwick